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Kevin “Stone” Hughes

Our founder, Kevin Hughes, first saw the benefits in CrossFit in 2018 when he began his journey into better health.  While OWNING multiple businesses for most of his ADULT life, he realized that he had not focused on his health as he should. As a husband and father of 3 his energy levels were low and he had reached a whooping 300+lbs.    Kevin, understanding that change only comes from hard work and dedication LEAPED headfirst into CrossFit. He was hooked from day one. Since his start, Kevin has lost over 75lbs while gaining serious muscle mass and his health has improved dramatically.   Seeing the radical change for himself, he sold his firearms business and opened his own “Box”, G2G CrossFit in Tulsa, Oklahoma with his brother Donnie and long-time friend Barry. Kevin’s goals are simple, continue to focus on raising his family and building his business. His passion, however, lays deeply rooted in creating the same amazing change in others as he created for himself. He wants nothing more than to share the excitement with CF and Strongman classes with you.

Donnie “Hunter” Hughes

A lifelong fitness fanatic, Donnie Hughes is owner Kevin’s brother and business partner. Donnie has experienced multiple areas of personal acceleration, growth, training and overall physical wellness. Donnie’s focus has been on working 1-on-1 with athletes to assist them in reaching their highest potential. It all starts from proper goal setting and consistency. Understanding the science of how the human body moves, performs, heals and processes nutrition is what sets Donnie apart from the average trainer and while he is still fairly new to the Crossfit world, he enters with a lifetime of experience in personal development.

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Barry “Cook” Cook

Personal experience in a wide range of sports, combined with cross-training and weight training specialties. Cook spent a few years in combat sports fight circuit, with wrestling, submission wrestling, Jujitsu and Catch-Hook wrestling as a background.

Amy “Ames” Hughes

HIIT workouts are my favorite because they are the most time effective by burning to achieve the most value in minimum time. Our workouts can be planned around busy lifestyles and even lunch breaks. They are built for any fitness level. Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone take their first step to physical health. That step is usually the hardest, so proper encouragement and guidance are essential to making sure they keep it up. We are here to encourage you every step of the way. At Bootcamp expect to sweat (A LOT), meet great people, build encouraging friendships, and have fun while testing your physical limits. You’ll fall in love with your improvement. .

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